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Importance of Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication for The Medical Industry

Importance Of Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication For The Medical Industry

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Metal equipment and devices are an integral part of any industry, and the medical industry is no exception. All the medical, surgical and diagnostic equipment are made up of different forms of metal. The medical diagnostic industry, in particular, experiences extensive use of metal fabrication technology to manufacture many of the machines and products which find extensive applications in the diagnostic industry. They help diagnose many of the ailments and diseases within the body. It is right to say that without metal fabrication technology, the medical industry will come to a standstill. Such is the importance of custom metal fabrication in the medical industry.

Further, the importance of custom sheet metal fabrication can be gauged from the fact that it is used in the manufacturing of different medical instruments and equipment which are most commonly used in our everyday medical practices. Here is a list of medical diagnostic machines which are built with the help of custom metal fabrication:

Ultrasound machine: This diagnostic scanning machine is utilised to view and study internal organs, as well as to detect objects. The precise calibrations achieved with the help of custom sheet metal fabrication help with the manufacture of high-quality ultrasound machines which can effectively diagnose a multitude of maladies and illnesses.

MRI equipment: MRI or Magnetic Resonance Imaging equipment uses radio waves and strong magnetic fields to capture the human anatomy in images. An MRI scanning machine uses magnets to scan your body. It is a non-invasive procedure. Stainless fabricated products are effectively used in the manufacture of MRI scan machines. This material gives the machine its true purpose.

Image Reconstruction System: IRS or Image Reconstruction System uses mathematical equations in order to manipulate the digitised information received during your body san. With the help of these results, surgeons are able to reconstruct many body parts, including the knees, heart and breasts. Only a finely calibrated machine could be used for this system, which can only be created with the help of custom stainless steel fabrication.

Medical imaging equipment: The PET scanning machines, CT scan machines, spectrometry scan equipment and many more — all find their roots in the custom sheet metal fabrication. It is used to manufacture the highest quality stainless steel and aluminium equipment for the medical industry. Each of these scanning machines is made under strict statistical process control specifications to maintain their accuracy and efficiency.

Nuclear medicine cabinets: Custom stainless steel fabrication method is used to make nuclear medicine cabinets. They are used to prevent patient exposure to hazardous waste. This feature is accomplished by ensuring that the cabinets are encased in the lead with a stainless steel outer body. These cabinets are generally manufactured on a circular chute with 4” diameter, which allows the doctors and other medical practitioners to conveniently and effectively dispose of hazardous medical waste.

Ablation system: Ablation therapy is a minimally invasive procedure. It is utilised to destroy the abnormal tissues with the help of lasers, heat or extreme cold. Surgeons and doctors generally rely on these systems for the treatment of abnormal heartbeat and kidney stones. Precision is the most critical factor for this procedure. It is for this reason why custom sheet metal fabrication is used to create medical products for doing ablation treatment.

Control system solutions: These are the automated machine products which are utilised in various medical applications. They mainly consist of sensitive levers, switches and sensors. Customer sheet metal fabrication and stainless steel fabrication help create finely calibrated dimensions which can be used in this medical equipment. This type of fabrication makes the equipment more reliable and durable.

Operator Interface system: Every OI system or Operator Interface System is manufactured to the exact specifications with the help of custom stainless steel fabrication. These metal fabricated machine parts are simple to install, modify and operate and are utilised in a variety of applications.

Patient Alignment System: The patient alignment system is effectively utilised to position the radiation beams and lasers for different procedures, such as the treatment of oncology. These types of patient alignment systems should meet the strict specification guidelines. Custom metal fabrication is extensively used to design high quality, flexible and affordable medical products for the healthcare industry.

These are just a few areas where customer metal fabrication finds its application in the medical industry. You cannot expect a functional healthcare industry without the active use of metal fabricated equipment. The most common machine — the ultrasound scan which is used to study human anatomy — is made up of metal fabrication.

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Importance Of Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication For The Medical Industry