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Important Things That One Should Know Before Balustrade Installation

Important Things One Should Know Before Balustrade Installation

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A balustrade can enhance the interiors, as well as the exteriors of a building, shopping centre, garden, field, etc. The security of the installed balustrade, whether they are placed indoors or outdoors, all impact the kind of balustrade which is installed. A balustrade can enhance the look for indoor and outdoor spaces.

Before going ahead with the balustrade installation in Albury, Wodonga, it is crucial to understand a few pertinent aspects to be able to make the best choices, whether for the home or commercial space, indoors or outdoors.

Balustrades for indoors and outdoors

It is understood that before installing balustrades indoors or outdoors, the basic parameters for successful installation will depend on the type of materials, how securely it has been fixed, and also the height. Balustrades installed indoors have to comply with different height requirements, as compared to the outdoor installations. The height requirement for indoors is 900 millimetres and for outdoors it is 1,100 millimetres; the difference in height requirements is essential, as the weight for indoor balustrades is less than the ones installed outdoors. This is true for malls and shopping complexes as well. 

Materials and strength

The purpose of the balustrade will dictate the type of material used and the strength, after installations. Balustrades can be manufactured from various materials, like glass, wood, concrete, and stainless steel. The materials will depend on the area and purpose of the installations. For instance, the installations can be for an indoor staircase, or an outdoor balcony space or garden. The installation for a staircase does not require the right barrier load ability, whereas, one installed in the balcony or the garden may be used to lean against, and that means it has to be secure and strong to be able to bear the weight. 

Secure installations

Two main aspects should be checked before opting for such an installation. If the installations are not done securely, the balustrade, alongside the glass infill, and the clamps can fail. To secure the balustrade, there must be a secure wall or base, and also, the right type of clamps and fittings have been used, depending on the purpose. Concrete balustrades will require a different type of fixing as compared to one made from stainless steel for commercial purposes, indoors. 

Maintenance of stainless steel handrails and balustrades will be significantly different from wood, and these factors are crucial for consideration before the installations for the best job. 

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Important Things One Should Know Before Balustrade Installation