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Tank and Hopper Fabrication in Albury Wodonga - A Complete Guide

Tank and Hopper Fabrication: A Complete Guide

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Stainless Steel Hopper - Why do you need it?

The stainless steel hopper is the most practical way of storing, handling and transporting different varieties of materials. Stainless steels hoppers and tanks are extremely hygienic and are completely contained. Therefore, hoppers and tanks find wide applications in industries where the top priority is to keep the products or materials sterile. This includes food, chemical, pharmaceuticals, etc.

The salient features of the stainless steel tanks and hoppers include:

  • Versatility
  • Safe and contained method of storing powder
  • Customisable for multiple varieties of applications
  • FDA compliant and sealed construction

Common shapes of stainless steel hoppers and tanks include wedge, cone or pyramid shapes. However, with the help of an appropriate tank and hopper fabrication shops, you could build hoppers that could fit any kind of specifications and dimensions.

Stainless Steel Hopper Fabrication

This steel is the ideal raw material for hopper fabrication, which is widely used to store fuel, food and pharmaceutical products. The hopper fabricator could easily combine sheet metal to form solid structures that could fit into the specific needs of the industries.

Each hopper and tank is custom designed and built exactly as per the specifications. Therefore, multiple methods are utilised in hopper fabrication in Albury Wodonga. They are:

  • Saw
  • Laser
  • Roll
  • Press brake
  • Finishing detail
  • Welding
  • Machining

Stainless steel hoppers are created with interior specific applications. Therefore, the inside part of the tank or the hopper is built to accommodate sensitive ingredients and to handle most of the weight, pressure and temperature.

Moreover, the kind of material which would get accumulated inside the tank would determine the type of steel used to construct the hopper and tank. This also determines the type of finishing products used in the interior of the tank. For example, Hoppers with food-grade applications use glass bead plastic polish.

Top-Quality Hopper and Tank

Quality is of utmost importance during tank and hopper fabrication. In most cases, only experienced companies in engineering project management in Wodonga  possess the capability and resources to build hoppers and tanks that could pass the strict requirements and standards mandated by the administration for medical, EPA, and food facilities and manufacturers.

The custom-made stainless steel tank and hopper fabrication combine traditional forge and hammer methods with the latest technologies such as AutoCAD, water jet cutting, and plasma cutting to create industry-grade tank and hopper. These modern technologies ensure accuracy related to the tank and hopper fabrication . This helps you to accurately anticipate the kind of end product that you would receive.

Hopper Fabrication in Albury Wodonga

Only a reputed and experienced company for hopper fabrication in Albury Wodonga can build a precisely fabricated hopper. Experienced companies know and understand industry requirements. Moreover, they employ an experienced workforce which is well trained and experienced in fabrication. Very few companies have such expertise, therefore, you need to search for the right company for tank and hopper fabrication in Wodonga.

With the best fabrication companies, you will get top class products custom-made to perfectly fit your industry requirements. They do all the tank and hopper fabrication work in house at their workshop. As result, you can expect faster and efficient delivery of your orders.

Whilst operating under strict industry standards, reputed companies design, cut and fabricate the stainless steel to create hoppers for multiple industries. They also possess the technology to maintain the strict hygiene and safety requirements for the food and drug industry.

Stainless steel is the perfect choice for hoppers and tanks to hold gases, chemicals, beverages, foods and different liquids. Stainless steel is very flexible this makes it the perfect material for building large industrial storage equipment. Stainless steel does not need higher thickness to build strength. Moreover, stainless steel resists the rust and different types of corrosion that may happen when the substance gets constantly exposed to different liquids.

Stainless steel has a high resistance to heat. Therefore, it can easily hold up against high temperature or sudden heat rise. These properties make it a perfect material for constructing parts of the furnace, such as the boiler rooms, lining ovens etc. there is no change to the properties nor the strength of the steel even when exposed to higher temperatures of the furnace.

Hoppers and tanks made of stainless steel are a perfect fit for different industrial applications. You can get the best tank and hopper fabrication done at an expert company for engineering project management in Wodonga.

If you want more information about hopper fabrication in Albury Wodonga, you must visit RMR Engineering today.